3 Powerful Tips for Video Marketing Success

If you take one scroll through the news feed of any major social network, you can’t help but come across somebody sharing video content.  Video Marketing has become a major focus for many businesses and entrepreneurs to help expand the reach of their messaging.


One reason video marketing is so effective is it’s ability to captivate an audience by connecting with them at a visual, mental, and emotional level.  However, if not done correctly, the video content that you have worked so hard to create might not reach it’s full potential.  That’s why we have put together these 3 powerful tips that you can use to make a big splash with video marketing.


3 Powerful Tips for Video Marketing Success:


1. Create a Clear Road Map

Before you even pick up your video camera or iPhone to shoot your video you need to create a solid plan.  Begin with mapping out the video itself by identifying:

  • Who the video is for?
  • Why will this be helpful to your audience?
  • What is the message that you want to get across?
  • When will you create, finish, and release your video?
  • Where will you share your video content?


The more detailed you get with each of these areas the more effective and organized you will be in executing your plan.  Get with your team and try to narrow down these key ingredients as much as possible.


[Tweet “”If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” -Lewis Carroll”]


2. Incorporate Branding Throughout Your Video


One video marketing best practice is to ensure your viewer knows it’s from you by incorporating your branding.  This should be done subtly either by using your products, logos, or recognizable individuals in a natural way, such as:


  • Logo or watermark in the bottom right
  • Keep fonts and typefaces consistent
  • Use your brand’s color scheme in creative ways


3. Focus on Delivering Value


Do not create and share a video that is overly “sales-y”.  You want to devote your time creating and delivering something that will provide your audience with something of value and substance.  The goal of your video marketing should be to leave your audience in a better place than they were before while stirring curiosity about something you have to offer.


In our next post we will focus on how to optimize your videos for maximum impact.