How to Create Stellar Content Your Audience will Love and Share [FREE BONUS INCLUDED]

Content Marketing is now essential to establishing your business as a credible source or thought leader in your industry.

The question is no longer:

“Should I be creating content for my audience?”


“What types of content should I be creating to provide my ideal audience with value?”

How to Create Stellar Content Your Audience will Love and Share


Here at Big Fish Results, we’re passionate at growing market leaders online, and a sound content marketing  strategy is the cornerstone element to your online marketing efforts.  

Have no idea where to start?  We’ll help you get an idea of where to begin.


Competitive Research with SEM Rush:


The first step we recommend is to check out what your competitors are doing with their content.

Identify Your Competitor’s Top Keywords:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your competitor’s URL into the search bar and click “Search”
  3. Review the Organic Research Positions


This section will provide insight into what keywords are driving the most traffic to your competitor’s website organically.  These keywords will be helpful in identifying what topics or themes you should create your content around.

Pro Tip: Be sure to check SEM Rush’s ‘Related Keywords’ and the ‘Phrase Match Keywords’ to find even more valuable search terms to craft your content.


Take Advantage of Your Competitor’s Backlinks:


Another helpful tip for identifying what topics to build your content around is using SEM Rush’s Backlinks Tool.  

This not only provides you with their most visited landing pages but other credible sites that are linking to their content.  

This does 2 valuable things for you:

  1. Insight into what content is working best for your competitors
  2. Gives you a list of sites you can reach out to for backlinking opportunities


SEM Rush does a great job explaining how to use the backlinks tool for content creation.  


Crafting your Content:


Now that your topic has identified it’s now time to bring it to life.

BUT FIRST, you need to decide on what type of content you will create and what role it will play in providing value to your customer.

What type of content will you create?

It’s important to test what type of content resonates with your audience best.  

Do they prefer blog posts to infographics?  Videos to Blog Posts?

Whatever that may be, try to create it in a way that does 1 of 3 things:

  1. Educate
  2. Entertain
  3. Empower


If the goal of your content is to expose and educate your audience about a topic related to what you do you may want to use a blog post or white paper.

If your goal is to bring in more leads and drive interest in your services, then a downloadable ebook or video series may be better for nurturing people down your buying process.  

Brainstorm with your team and decide on what types of content would be best for your target audience and get creating.


[BONUS] When creating content, focus on VALUE.  Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and ask what content would blow you away and make you want to share it with others.

Have questions about building out a content marketing strategy that works for your business?  Contact us and we can help bring your vision to life.  

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