Is Your Business Embracing Social Media?

In our fast pace, noisy world, everyone has something to say, something to sell, and something to do.  This is even more important when it comes to businesses and brands where their primary goal is to deliver their message effectively to the people that matter, ideally resulting in sales and revenue.  Today, people are looking to the internet and social media communities to distribute their message where their target audiences are spending a lot of their time.

Gone are the days where businesses are trying to determine if social media is for them or not.  The bottom line is if you have a client base under the age of 75 then chances are they are on these social media networks.  The big question is,  

“Are you present and active on social media?”

If the answer is no you are missing out on an amazing opportunity to increase the reach of your messaging, cultivating a passionate following around your business and are not tapping into the medium that could result in new and repeat sources of revenue.

If you answered no, the good news is that it is never to late to start.  It will just take some getting used to as you integrate it into every facet of your business.  Here are some simple tips on how to get your business started with social media marketing:

1. Register your brand pages on all social networks

Before setting out on your social media journey, it is important you get your ducks in a row.  The first thing you should do is to register accounts for your brand name on all major social networks, regardless of whether you will use them or not flagyl tablets online.  This is to ensure that you have control over that name and that no one can register it and try to impersonate you.  Defining your digital voice starts here.

2. Develop a content strategy

Next, you will want to sit down with your team and discuss what kind of content you will produce and share with your audience that will keep them interested and engaged with your brand.  Try to plan at least 3 months ahead with some key areas of focus and then refine it as you go.

3. Connect with existing customer base

When starting out, building traction in the social media realm can go very slow unless you build a fan base of brand evangelists.  Start out with your employees and their personal and professional networks, and begin to engage with them letting them know you are now active on social media and what they can expect to see.

4. Start posting

Once you have your strategy defined, start sharing your content!  It is important that you begin to take note of what time and days get the most engagement to ensure your content is making the maximum impact possible.  Do not wait too long to post because if you are not communicating with your audience, someone else is.  Through posting and interacting with your fans you will further define what their interests are to help guide future content creation.

5. Measure, tweak and move forward

The only way you will improve the reach of your brand in the social space is if you measure the reach and interaction of your posts and tweak them so that they resonate with your target audience more and more. This involves a bit of trial and error – creating blog posts, email blasts, videos, images and more.  The great thing is your customers and potential audience will provide you with valuable insight into what content they identify with, giving you a better understanding of how to market to them more effectively.

 What are your biggest questions about social media for business?