Driving Results Through LinkedIn

Driving Results Through LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn has over 347 million members and their average salary is over $100,000? This social media giant is one of our most powerful and lucrative business resources. According to LinkedIn’s Newsroom, there are 2 new professionals joining every second. Come learn how to attract this abundance of prospects and turn them into a business opportunity.

Our captain, Tony Guarnaccia, shared best practices for driving results through LinkedIn yesterday at Tonsha Marketing on behalf of the South Windsor Chamber of Commerce.  He covered the 7 Critical Steps for Optimizing your LinkedIn presence website to expand your visibility, make a great first impression and drive sales success.  

7 Important Things to Know about LinkedIn:


1. Why you need to pay attention to LinkedIn

According to a HubSpot study, LinkedIn is the best social network for generating leads generating more than 3x the results of both Twitter and Facebook.

2. How to get found and grow your business on LinkedIn

The key to getting found on LinkedIn is having an optimized profile.  The first step to optimizing your LinkedIn profile is having a strong headline, using keywords you want to identified with and by connecting with as many of the “right” people as possible.

3. The Importance of a Headshot not MugShot!

What message does your headshot send?  Having a professional photo on your LinkedIn profile is a critical component of enhancing your visibility and making a great first impression.

4. How to engage though LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn Groups are a great place to make connections and demonstrate your expertise.  You can find collections of people by interest, industry and a variety of other segments and is one of the best places to find your target audience.  Start by connecting with the people in the group, answer questions and start thoughtful discussions.  But remember to be consistent and never spam!

5. Post regular updates

Create some high-quality content that your audience will want to share.  Posting regularly to LinkedIn keeps you top-of-mind, positions you as a source of good info, and makes others take notice and connect as you appear in LinkedIn Network Updates.  You can share articles you’ve written, company news and industry updates.

6. Enhance Your Profile with Media

The best way to demonstrate your expertise is with examples.  Most people are not aware that you can add video, presentations, articles and studies to your LinkedIn profile.

7. Make LOTS Of Connections

One of the most important things to do for your LinkedIn presence is to make a lot of connections.  Start by adding your friends and colleagues to your 1st degree connections if you haven’t already.  Then connect with everyone you’ve worked with (or went to school with), collect business cards from everyone you meet (to later connect with) and make it a daily routine to find new connections and accept connection invites.

Learn More:

For more information check out our slide deck from our speaking event.  We hope this helps you improve your results through LinkedIn!