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Video Marketing

Reach, Engage and Connect with Your Audience

Video brings to life any marketing campaign because it has the power to connect with your audience visually, mentally and emotionally – creating an entirely different level of engagement with you brand. By delighting your prospects’ minds and senses, your products and services become more interesting. This motivates your prospects to take action and translates into more sales opportunities!

Dave Beauchamp - FGX

“I have been more than impressed with Big Fish Results. They have become a true partner in a every sense of the word, being able to develop an in-depth understanding of my industry, integrate their services into my business plan and provide a critical, intelligent approach to my digital growth strategy.”
– David Beauchamp, Foster Grant


Why Video Marketing?

Reach More Prospects Online
Reach More Prospects Online

Optimized videos rank highly on Google and capture attention because they are click magnets that graphically stand out in the search results

Increase conversions
Increase conversions

More brands than ever are using video to lengthen visitor engagement and improve conversion rates by convincing prospects to take action, dramatically increasing results.

Connect with Your Prospects
Connect with Your Prospects

Video recreates the experience of being face to face. By capturing expressions, gestures and motion, video generates higher engagement, builds trust, and makes a genuine impression on visitors

Did You Know?


94% of consumers watched a video online last week


76% of smartphone owners watch videos at least once per week from their phones


people who watch a product video are up to 185% more likely to buy

Marketing System Features

New Call-to-action
New Call-to-action
New Call-to-action