Social Media Best Practices for DJs

We recently had a great event with the Southern New England Association of Professional Disc Jockeys about Social Media best practices for DJs.  We covered how DJs can use these practical tips to expand their online presence and drive new business.  We’ve included a free gift at the end of this post to help any DJ start marketing with social media.

Our team has experience managing the social media strategies for large DJ and audio brands such as Numark, Akai Professional and inMusic Brands.  During this time, we identified various ways DJs and businesses use social media to connect with their audience and build a tribe of individuals passionate about their brand.

5 ways DJs can get started with Social Media:


1. Communicate What Makes You Unique

How do you stand out from the competition?  You want to work this into the messaging that you share with your social media networks.  This is where you are able to show off a bit and establish yourself as a professional and a leader in your market.  If you’re a wedding DJ, show the extra mile by sharing what you did for your previous clients, such as custom monograms, specialized playlists, or

If you’re a wedding DJ, show the extra mile by sharing what you did for your previous clients, such as custom monograms, specialized playlists, or awe-inspiring up-lighting.  Whatever your unique proposition is, be sure to make it clear and give people a reason to contact you.

2. Socialize – Be Conversational

Where many people go wrong with social media is they treat it as a broadcast media when it is, in fact, a conversation mechanism.  Social media is a 2-way conversation that provides insight into the wants and needs of your ideal customers and helps build relationships with them.

As a DJ, you can ask your audience what they look for in a quality experience by asking them their favorite songs (new and old), genres of music or what they look for in a high-energy event. This exposes you to exactly what your audience is looking for to help you decide what you can add to your DJ business.

This leads nicely into our next point…

3. Know What Matters To Your Audience

You want to be intentional about finding out what matters to your audience in order to take the appropriate steps to build trust with them.  By understanding your customers needs and pain points, you can craft your strategy about what you share via social media.

When you meet a client’s wants or needs you increase the likelihood of them spreading the word about you and your services.

4. Strategize a Social Media Marketing Plan

Once you start communicating what makes you different, starting conversations with your audience, and find out what makes you different – it’s now time to strategize your social media marketing plan.  Some key points you want to cover are:

  • Choose which social media networks you plan to engage on and why.
  • Identify how many times a week you will post and at what times.
  • Create a schedule of what types of content you will be promoting (Promotional vs. Organic)

This may seem overbearing, but we have created a FREE social media marketing checklist specifically for DJ that contains a content calendar that will help you plan all of this out.  Click the button below to download it!


5. Create & Share High-Quality Content

Now it’s time to create some high-quality content that your audience will consume and ideally share. When it comes to content creation you want to put your best foot forward and give away some of your best quality content for your audience to enjoy.  This can be in the form of:

  • Blog posts about popular topics around your industry
  • Videos showcasing the experience people will receive from your services
  • Photos of past events and gigs
  • Fun and humorous (clean) content.

Ultimately your content should do 1 of 3 things: Entertain, Educate or Empower Check This Out.  Entertaining your audience keeps them happy and coming back for more.  Educating them establish thought leadership and trust with someone who is looking to learn more about you. Finally, your content can help empower your audience to meet a need or eliminate a pain point.  The more you do this, the greater the likelihood of them choosing your business and brand over your competitors.

For more information check out our slide deck from our speaking event with Southern New England Association of Professional Disc Jockeys.  We hope this helps you expand your DJ business!