Want to know what fun things are happening in your area? Check out your Chamber of Commerce!

As a local small business founder and entrepreneur, I mostly think of my Chamber of Commerce as a fantastic resource for businesses.

But as a parent and community member, my local Chamber of Commerce is also my go-to resource for FUN events in my area.

Whether it’s tastings or concerts, ballroom dancing or pumpkin carving, library fundraisers or Breast Cancer walks, town bazaars or flu shots, my Chamber of Commerce is a one-stop-resource for anyone looking to get involved, have some fun, or take care of their family.

This month alone, my Chamber of Commerce has 34 different events and activities listed on its website. No searching on Google or combing through dozens of other websites – everything I’m looking for is right on this one community calendar.

Plus my Chamber has great resources on taking care of my home (save energy, prepare for a storm), tourism (where to stay, where to eat), and education (driver’s ed, school closings, professional development).

Wednesday, October 16th is National #SupportYourLocalChamberofCommerce Day.

Join me in thanking your local Chamber of Commerce for their tireless efforts in helping our entire community to thrive and be happy.